Do I have control over my data?

Yes, completely. You can export all of your chit data into PDF or CSV format.

Is the system FAA compliant?

Yes. Our FAA chits automatically calculate based on the latest FAA agreement.

What if I lose Internet connection while on-set? I have no Wifi.

No problem. Our platform automatically goes into offline mode and you can carry on working as normal. Your changes all get synced in the background when you connect to the Internet again.

Do artists get a copy of their chit straight away?

Yes. Our QR code feature allows the artist to scan your screen and they will receive a copy of the chit instantaneously. No Internet connection required.

There is no Internet connectivity on-set. What do I do?

You will need to make sure you open the production's chit interface before you go on-set so that you can use it in offline mode when on-set.

How do artists query a chit?

If an artist wishes to query a chit after they have left the set, they can use the online query feature on the link they receive by email when they receive a copy of their chit.

Can the system be used by multiple ADs or their assistants at the same time?


How do I import my artist data?

We have a simple spreadsheet import function which lets you import your artists' details.

How do I print my data?

You can download and print your data as PDF (one chit per page) or CSV (spreadsheet summary format).

Can I have production specific terms and conditions show to artists?

Yes. You can add terms to each production individually or use your agency's default terms for a production. Your artists will see a copy of these terms on every chit email they receive.

What makes you different from all the other paperless systems out there?

Simply put, we are not owned by an agency. We are wholly independent and, therefore, you can freely use our system without being tied to any agency.

How secure is the system?

Our system uses SSL encryption to protect you when you login. Your data is stored on our secure UK-based server. All passwords are encrypted one-way so we cannot see what password you use.

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